27 November 2006

Web Audiences

I will keep my comments brief for this week's reading assignments, considering they were VERY short (thank you), as I continued to labor over my final project website and proposal. The readings were completely appropriate and gave me ideas for additional fodder for the proposal.

In relation to my GWOT Archive website and building a web audience, I shall launch a publicity campaign that will focus, first and foremost, on connecting with a community, rather than individuals. In this morning's Sunday newspaper, the Fredericksburg Freelance Star, I read an article about a group of parents who are trying to cope with the death of their sons and daughters. Very carefully, I will approach this community and explain to them what my site seeks to accomplish: to honor the men and women that sacrificed their lives and paid the ultimate price. The GWOT Archive hopes to perpetuate their legacy through the perspectives of men and women Marines, Sailors, Soldiers, and Airmen, fighting the war on terror.

Below is a very weak publicity campaign I intended before I read the excerpt by Cohen and Rosenzweig, on how to build web audiences:


The GWOT Archive features U.S. troops. The intended audiences are all U.S. branches of the Armed Forces, including the Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard, and the American public. International interest can be expected.

Audience Hierarchy:

1. Service members
2. Service member's next of kin
3. Service member's immediate family
4. Service member's extended family
5. Service member's unit members
6. Service member's coalition forces
7. Professional historians
8. General public

Reaching the Audience:

Service members are currently reached by word of mouth and through direct contact using email. In many cases, email addresses of potential service members can be obtained from official DOD news articles.

Here is what I will do after reading the article:

Rearrange the target audiences by moving service member's immediate and extended family to the top of the hierarchy and as a community. Following the family, I will place the general public in the number two spot, since I think most unit members and coalition forces would rather put this kind of stuff out of the minds. After letting these communities know that I exist and am interested in their opinions, I shall pursue the community of soldiers out there already writing their stories on both web and blog sites.

That's more than what I wanted to write for tonight and just the tip of the iceberg...