11 September 2006

Review Website Marines Dot Com

Devil Dogs,

The website I selected, www.Marines.com, is not "historical" per say, however it does contain intrinsic historic components that help achieve the best recruiting website currently available online. I should mention that my gung-ho and biased experience will be, more than likely, completely different from the experience of others.

My first emotions were excitement and joy. The technical review "behind the scenes" inspired awe (source code). The multi-media presentation is of such high-caliber, it literally takes one breath away. I am positive this website would make Harry S. Truman turn over in his grave. As the thirty-third President of the United States from 1945-1953, Truman unsuccessfully tried to abolish the Marine Corps after World War II. According to Truman, the Marine Corps has "... a propaganda machine that is almost equal to Stalin's." I have not studied Stalinist methods for recruiting, but I doubt they are based on persuasive imagery or imagination. The Marines.com website basically captivates the viewer by controlling their imagination through the carefully choreographed use of film, sound, images, and narrative.

The site is full of snap and pop. It is clean, crisp, and full of action. It nears the experience of going to an action movie or playing a video game; precisely hitting the intended high school audience and feeding them what they devour. The navigation is a master piece of simplicity. Anything too complicated might turn a prospective enlistee away!

As far as the technical composition, the source file reveals the following components:
The pages use JSP, defined as a specification that uses applications to generate Web pages that feature dynamic content. Javascript controls many portions of the window or browser, and CSS or Cascading Style Sheets, operate by formatting the content of the page. Many components of the CSS-page are loaded and remain visible throughout other pages deeper in the site, such as the navigation bar and background image (EGA). By using CSS and flash, I am not altogether sure how the individual components are manipulated to create a dynamic page. I do not believe a database is in use, as most of the information is minimal at best. The historical aspects of the site provide larger amounts of information that relate to weapons, equipment, training, deployments, and Marine Corps life in general, however the need to retrieve information from databases is not necessary.

Semper Fi. Dieter.